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The Meat Bar Freeze-Dried Pork Bone Sparkles

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Functional toppers to for calcium for DIY meals. Also contains magnesium, phosphorus, sodium.

Just measure, scoop & add to meals – real bones with no mess! 


  • An option for convenient, measurable source of calcium for DIY meals to prevent skeletal abnormalities caused by depletion of calcium in bones.
  • Natural grinded bones with no choking hazards. Easier for pets who has difficulty digesting chunky bones.


100% grinded bones of stated protein, and nothing else! 

Steps for Recommended Serving:

  • Calculate amount of bones before freeze-dried – av 10% of daily meal in grams.
  • Divide number from step 1 by 2 for equivalent weight of freeze-dried Bone Sparkles.
  • Divide number from step 2 by 10 for measurement in Tablespoon.