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The Meat Bar Freeze-Dried Mini Beef Bone Broth, 12g

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Use this Superfood as crunchy snacks or add warm water to serve as liquid bone broth!  


  • Rich source of protein, especially in collagen and gelatin. Protects tissues from wear and tear in joints and gut linings.
  • Easily digestible.
  • Shares all the benefits of homemade bone broth without taking up your valuable time and fridge space.
  • Super convenient to bring along for outings and staycations for that extra boost of energy! 

Recommended serving: 

No more than 5pcs/kg weight of pet.


Raw meaty bone of stated protein (1 part RMB to less than 1.5 parts purified water), unfiltered apple cider vinegar, carrot, celery, parsley.