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Taffy Barkery - Food Topper (Seafood Palate)

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Net Weight:100 gram


Ingredients: Green Lipped Mussels and Sardine Fish, That’s it!


Green Lipped Mussels contains naturally high levels of Omega 3 which is essential to maintain healthy bones and skin. A 100% natural source of glucosamine, chondroitin, glycogens, and Omega-3 fatty acids with proven abilities to nutritionally support long-term joint health.  


Paw Shaker is a delicious, all-natural food topper and treats mix created to give your furkid the taste they crave. If your furkid refuses to eat, is bored with plain kibble, or just needs a special treat every now and then, Paw Shaker is a healthy, quick, and cost-effective option.


Slow - Air-dried, handcrafted in small batches, never mass-produced, and never automated.


All our products are Gluten Free and Grain Free.


No Salt, Sugar, Dyes, or Preservatives are added to all our treats.