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Cubgrub Duck with Chunks

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Duck meat contains a high amount of natural amino acids that specifically helps with muscle growth. Our recipe includes a grinded blend of duck breast, thigh, gizzard, heart, liver and bones.
Other ingredients include:


chicken eggs

Packed full of protein and rich in vitamins, chicken eggs also contain plenty of antioxidants for your cats.

fish oil

Fish oil contains a lot of Omega 3 fatty acids. For cats, this promotes healthy fur and can often reduce shedding. In some cases, fish oil can also lead to your cats having a shiny coat!


Taurine is absolutely vital for your furry little family members! These amino acids greatly boost the immune system whilst also maintaining your cat's metabolism. 

vitamin B complex

These vitamins serve multiple purposes that keep your cats healthy. Adult cats can benefit from the vitamin's healing and antioxidant properties, whereas kittens receive considerable help in growth.

vitamin E

Vitamin E is effective in maintaining a strong immune system. A shortage of it can lead to faulty organs and bone structure, so we make sure that enough goes into your cat's meals.

lite salt

These salts have a mixed composition of sodium and potassium, which help regulate a healthy bloodstream. They can help prevent your cats in suffering from various blood diseases whilst also providing them with plenty of iodine.


Cats never seem to drink enough water on their own!

We've added plenty into our homemade recipe to make sure that your cats stay hydrated whilst eating.

*Note: Jars are recyclable and can be returned for RM0.10 rebate per jar on next purchase