Identification on your pet increases the chances of your pet getting back to you quickly should they get lost.

Conventional pet tags however come off easily, can get caught in bushes and fences, and potentially strangle and cause fatal accidents. 😨

Keep your pets safe with a SAFER and PRETTIER alternative - PAWSONALISED BY JACQ's BESPOKE COLLARS! 😉

Have your pet's name and your emergency contact PRINTED DIRECTLY on our pretty collars.
MIX AND MATCH COLOURS AND FONTS to fit your pet’s personality and show off its coat! 😍

Made of durable POLYESTER material, our collars are SOFT, SMOOTH to the touch, LIGHTWEIGHT AND WASHABLE.
Our collars are adjustable and come with a STURDY 💪🏻 PLASTIC SNAP ON BUCKLE and a METAL D RING.

S/M (collar snapped on length 26.5cm - 43.5cm; width 2cm)
L/XL (collar snapped on length 38cm - 64cm; width 3cm)
For a comfortable fit, place two fingers between your pet's neck and the measuring tape when measuring your pet's neck size.

To care for your pet's bespoke collar, use soap and rub with fingers to clean. Avoid brushes. 
Hang and dry in a cool dry place after washing. Avoid drying under direct sunlight to prevent colours from fading.

Pawsonalised by Jacq's Bespoke Collar, Starz, Small/Medium