Calcium is one of the most important mineral is our dog's and cat's daily nutrients requirement, and it is often overlooked. Calcium is an essential nutrient in our pets' diet as it helps our pets have strong bones, healthy teeth, healthy coat and a properly functioning nervous system, Deficiency in calcium will result in osteoporosis, weak bones and weak heart. 



Feeding guidelines

By Food Intake

For every 230gm of food, add 1/4 tsp of egg shell powder

By Furkid's weight

<10kg            1/4 tsp per day

10 - 20kg       1/2 tsp per day

21 - 30kg       3/4 tsp per day

>30kg            1 tsp per day



100% Oven Baked Egg Shells

Net Weight: 200gm per jar

Eggshellent Egg Shell Powder